Thursday, March 3, 2011

A-Star side mirror custom painted for a friend

This A-Star belongs to a good buddy, Rinzuala. I painted both of the side mirror's cover. This is an original design. It looks kind of like a.. a snake's skin, a crocodile's skin or some kind of alien's skin, or whatever. I like this colour combinations quite a lot. The door knobs are still sitting in my paintroom gathering dusts, waiting for some 2K lovin'..... Hope you like it. As always, feel free to comment.  
Thanks - Te-a.


  1. I was waiting and waiting for you to come up with some artistic paint schemes and post it on your blog sooner!!! Well, the waiting's worth it and now you've come up with another great painting skill. Great work... man...great work... The light reflections on the scale/skin looks very realistic and deadly with just enough red colour highlighting at the edge which makes it really looks cool and at the same time very relaxing....nice blending of the colour...keep up the good work!!!

  2. Pu.Rina car chu a va nalh tawh ve a. Tete, thiam khawp mai.